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Get Longer and Healthier Hair: Complete Wash n Go Routine using Alodia's Wash n Go Style Kit

Shop Alodia with Natty Locks Boutique to achieve this style today! 

Shop Alodia with Natty Locks Boutique to achieve this style today! 

Shop Alodia with Natty Locks Boutique to achieve this style today! 


The Evolution of Natural Hair Care

For many years, woman have used damaging products on their hair such as perms, relaxers, and other toxic products found in everyday hair product. I wasn’t until recent years, woman have become more cautious about the product that they use in their hair. 

In a BBC News interview, natural hair blogger, coach and, author Tola Okogwu discuss the harmful effects that nonnatural product cause in black woman health and the trend/importance of being more ingredient conscious. 

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How To Achieve An Easy Wash N' Go Featuring Naturaz Hair Care

Here's how to achieve an easy wash and go on natural hair using Naturaz moisturizing products sold at Natty Locks Boutique. These steps will help you with curl definition and shine! Your curls are unique and will define best when your hair is well moisturized and soft with Naturaz. Shop Naturaz NOW!

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Natty Locks Boutique Wash & Coil Routine Transformation

Here at Natty Locks Boutique, our mission is to provide all natural and chemical free natural products that will liberate your skin and hair. And we not only provide stellar products but we also strive to help women with all hair types achieve their go to look with the most effective and nourishing products. 

If you are looking for a simple and easy Wash & Coil routine, look no further because we have the steps for you! To accomplish this look we used CurlPrep’s Goddess Refresher, Sweet Buttah and the Around The Way Gel. Curl Prep’s product line leaves your hair moisturized, soft and never weighted down leaving you with a long lasting and versatile style. 

Watch how we transform our client's hair using out Wash & Coil method. Enjoy! 


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